Sunday, March 29, 2015


Today I want to talk about gender roles and stereotyping. I think it's great that people are challenging this. If a guy wants to do something considered “girly,” leave him alone. If a girl wants to do something considered “manly,” leave her alone. Let men be emotional and let women be tough, because each of us has a level of both and it’s not okay to shame someone for being too manly or girly if it doesn’t match the gender they’re “supposed” to identify with. 

Now here's my problem: What about the people who actually fall into their stereotype and like it? It has now become weird for identifying women to be feminine and identifying men to be masculine. It's like we’re trying to reverse everything and make men into women and women into men (stereotypically of course). Not that that's bad, since gender roles are stupid to begin with, but some people actually want to identify with those old ideals and they shouldn't be shamed either. That’s the whole point of removing gender roles isn’t it?

Girls like me are shamed for being girly. And I’m not even the stereotypical girly girl, and I have to add that so I don’t get made fun of. It's like it's worse now for girls to like girly things than guys. If a guy likes a girly thing, he’s just being himself. If a girl likes a girly thing, she’s conforming to the patriarchy. I like sparkly things and romantic comedies and I’m practically a vegan and I'm not interested in sex and I'm going to school for a field that's mostly dominated by women and people tell me there's something wrong with me because I don't want to be “manly.” I have to defend myself constantly.

I thought the purpose of getting rid of stereotyping was to let people be themselves, male or female, no matter what sex they were born verses the gender they identify with. I happen to be born female and identify with being female, just like my brother is male identifying as male. He may not have stereotypically been into sports in high school, but I still view him as a man and always will. 

I recently saw an interesting comic online similar. There's all this crap about women who want short hair are only doing it to “punish men” and not be feminine. Pffffffff who the hell cares??? They wanted a short haircut so they got one! Got nothing to do with you! Stuff like that makes me feel bad too because I have long hair. But the thing is, I didn't grow it out for men or to prove my femininity. I grew it out for myself, good God, just like girls with short hair cut it for themselves. They liked it, it looks cute, leave them alone. So also leave alone girls who want to have long hair! I like having long hair. What's it to you? And, more guys these days have long hair. What do they hear? “Cut your hair and get a job.” I think if a guy wants to grow his hair out, let him. Most guys actually pull it off really well. I can't believe even hairstyles are such a big deal in this society. 

This girl has short hair and she’s super cute.

This girl has long hair and she’s super cute.

I see no difference in femininity, do you? Every person is different. 

Colton Haynes has short hair and he’s super cute.

Orlando Bloom had long hair for Lord of The Rings and he’s super cute.

I see no difference in masculinity, do you? Every person is different. Geez. No one can win in this society anymore. 

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