Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Ahahahahahaha. Hahaha. Hah.

Isn’t it sad that someone who doesn’t care about sex has to “come out” too? There’s this horrible thing called corrective rape that is inflicted upon asexuals. That’s just barbaric, especially in a society you think would just LOVE asexual people. They don’t want sex! Just what God wants! Unless you’re trying for children, of course, otherwise you’re a dirty dirty slut. They want women to be chaste mysterious pure little obedient things until their wedding night, and suddenly a woman who doesn’t care about sex is weird. BLASPHEMY I SAY!

I read this article the other day saying that marriage doesn't work for us anymore. The first thing he lists in this reason is that the sex starts dwindling and he thinks it's the “most important thing” in a relationship.

You have GOT to be kidding me. I would like to thank this writer on behalf of the entire human population for confusing sex with love.

You know, there are other body parts you can touch besides someone's genitals. But apparently that's just unrealistic. Apparently sticking it to someone is the only way to show love. People have sex with people they don't even know. No love there. Sex and love do go hand in hand, but not every time, or for everyone. He makes it sound like if you don't have sex your relationship is fucked. How absurdly judgmental.

He has other things in the list too, like financial strain, technology take-overs, etc. I get the technology part, but the sex part infuriates me. Also the sex part is the only part that contributes to this post. XD

Asexual people can date and have successful romantic relationships just like sexual people. WHAT A CONCEPT! Sex just doesn’t mean anything to them – it’s not impossible for them to enjoy it though – whether or not sex is involved, it just doesn't define the relationship or make the significant other think they don't love him/her. You don’t need to fuck someone to feel a connection with them. Society assumes that if you’re not doing it that often (or ever) means you’re unhappy. Just because it doesn’t match the intimacy you’re getting doesn’t mean your relationship is more successful than someone else's.

Every couple is different.


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